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Ryan is a Miami, FL based artist whose work is showcased in private collections throughout the United States. His paintings are richly composed and organically layered. The interplay between the abstract and figurative, across a range of mediums, evolve into one-of-a-kind creations which provoke imagery and an illusion of depth unique to each viewer.  


Ryan's formulation and blending of paints, inks, pigments, oils, pastels and solvents is literally done by hand. Ryan does not use any brushes in the creation of his art. Ryan’s unique style challenges the viewer to comprehend how his canvases are created, and to discover the conscious and subconscious imagery each piece elicits.

My "Through the Looking Glass" series showcases dynamic kaleidoscopic perspectives and elusive optical effects. The transitional coloration, shifting complexity of shapes, textures and illusions of depth emerge in phantasmagorical effects.

My "Polychromatic Parallelism" series emphasizes shifting perspectives and the manipulation of multiple mediums. The synergistic sequencing of color provokes the imagination and awakens the consciousness. 

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